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Business Plan. . . in the works

Constitution Association

Business Plan - 2014

“The Constitution is only Ink and Paper if we don’t defend it.” -- Douglas V. Gibbs

“A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”  -- James Madison

“The good sense of the people will always be found to be the best army.  They may be led astray for a moment, but will soon correct themselves.” -- Thomas Jefferson

“Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.”  -- Benjamin Franklin

“A primary object. . . should be the education of our youth in the science of government.  In a republic, what species of knowledge can be equally important?  And what duty more pressing. . . Than communicating it to those who are to be the future guardians of the liberties of the country? -- George Washington

Opening Message by Douglas V. Gibbs

It has been my privilege to study, and convey to people who are interested in hearing it, the original intent of the United States Constitution based on the debates of the Constitutional Convention, the Ratification Conventions, and various writings and correspondence by the founding fathers, and associated persons, during the era of the forging of this nation.  I have been teaching a Constitution Class in Temecula since 2008.  That class has expanded to include Corona in 2014.  Other venues, such as Calvary Chapel Murrieta, and Bella’s Pizza in Murrieta, have also participated in assisting me in reaching people with the important message of the principles of the United States Constitution.  Since the start of the Temecula Class in 2008, we have seen growth in other areas of my efforts, as well.

Political Pistachio, my blog, has grown since 2006 from a site that enjoyed a dozen hits a day to one that averages over a thousand hits per day.  In November of 2013, the website achieved a million hits, and has gathered well over 300,000 hits since then.

Constitution Radio, which began as Political Pistachio Radio in 2007 on BlogTalkRadio, has been on the AM radio dial since August 6, 2011.  The show began with 32 regular listeners, and now reaches thousands nationwide, and in reality, worldwide.

A book, The 25 Myths of the United States Constitution, emerged in February 2014, and many other books are in the works, expanding the message regarding the Constitution from a classroom at a gun shop in Temecula, and a blogsite Online, to a published work in print.

As a public speaker, I have already participated as a speaker at more venues this year than I have in the last six years in total.  Groups that have had me as a speaker were thankful, impressed, and most of them enjoyed a larger number of attendees at their meetings than they normally experience.

On July 3, 2014 I was a guest on the Rick Amato Show, asked to be on the program prior to the Murrieta Immigration Protests earlier that week.  Shortly after my appearance on that television program, directly due to my participation in the Murrieta Protests against Illegal Immigration, I appeared on Fox and Friends twice, Sean Hannity twice (once in a clip as a protester, and once as a guest), and as a guest on Al Jazeera.  I have also appeared in short interviews on Channels 6 and 10 in San Diego, MSNBC, ARD German television, and National Public Radio (along with a large number of smaller radio programs).

May  4, 2013 was the inaugural meeting of the Constitution Association, a group I started with the hope it would fill the void left by an absent Tea Part group in the area, and a group that would bring attention to constitutional issues, and participate in local politics.

The purpose of listing all of that above is to show the growth of the Constitution Restoration Movement, which began in the heart and soul of a young man who decided he wanted to learn more about the United States Constitution, and then thanks to a recommendation by Jane Lauhon, began to work to share that knowledge through a small Constitution Class at a gun shop in Temecula.

The effort has grown, but I can no longer manage it all by myself.  To restrict the growth of my efforts to my abilities, and the few outlets that I use, would be to doom the effort to a limitation of growth.  Our nation deserves better, and if we are going to turn this country around, the effort demands that we take steps toward growth.

As the future takes shape, it is my desire to develop the effort of using constitutional understanding to turn this country around into an organized effort under the umbrella of the Constitution Association.  Through the organization, and content provided by myself, and in the future others that fully understand the constitutional tools available to us for turning this all around, it is my aim that this organization grows, influences elections, and is an integral part of orchestrating a Convention of States known, as coined by our good friend, G.R. Mobley, as a Republic Review.

Through our journey to grow this organization, which will include an expansion of outlets to provide content to We the People, and adding chapters of the organization nationwide in order to broaden the message, it is also my desire that this organization remains faithful to God, and that the people participating constantly remind themselves that this nation was forged with a firm reliance upon Divine Providence.  I ask for all of those that participate to be people of God, participating with earnest and sincere service, passionate towards the goals of the organization, devoted to the cause, and eager to learn all they can about the Constitution so that when they encounter others that are not a part of the movement (yet) they convey their message in an informative manner as someone that is well-informed, and that they do so in an inspirational way.

To establish ourselves as an organization, and one that inspires people to participate in restoring the Constitutional Republic that the United States is supposed to be, we must have a long-term vision that clearly defines what we are, where we are going, and how we are going to get there.  This vision requires participation at all levels, be it leadership positions, management, or those playing a supportive role performing whatever talent it was that God has given them.  Our vision must be obtainable, practical, and appropriate in relation to the development of the organization in the years to come.

The growth of our organization will take time, so we must understand there is a process that will accompany our growth.  However, we must also act in an urgent manner, understanding that time is not something we have in abundance when we look at the political and moral depravation we have seen in this country over the last half-dozen years.  And also, as I said earlier, we must not forget that what we are doing does not completely belong to us - To God be the glory, His Will be done.

Our Vision

To be an organization that expands and influence the vote in a manner consistent with the principles of the United States Constitution through education and grassroots activities, while participating in orchestrating conventions in the various States for the purpose of auditing the federal government, and returning it to the limitations authorized by the United States Constitution.

Executive Summary

The Constitution Association will become a nonprofit agency providing educational programs for Americans through various sources of content utilizing various outlets that will include print, video, audio, radio and television offered online, at events, at retail outlets, and through various satellite chapters throughout the United States.  The program will form partnerships with other like-minded organizations, media outlets, and product suppliers.  The Constitution Association’s ultimate goal is to be a leader in the movement of Americans convening State Conventions with the purpose of auditing the federal government, and using these conventions to influence and guide the federal government back to a political structure consistent with the principles and limitations enumerated by the United States Constitution.  Only through direct relationships and personal encounters can we, as an organization, turn a small number of patriots willing to work towards constitutional restoration to a nationwide force involved in each of the States through active satellite chapters.

Repeated failures by our governments at the federal, State, and local levels, to follow the law of the land has resulted in a government that acts in a manner destructive to the principles of liberty, individualism, private ownership of property, self-reliance, personal responsibility, and honest government.  We the People have allowed the dynamics of our governmental system to be perverted from its original foundations, and we have allowed the politicians to establish and institutionalize destructive activities that place at risk the development of our nation as a free and prosperous society.  To change government, we must influence in a positive manner our culture, while educating the American People about the tools we have available to us that we can use to change government from a tyrannical entity that fosters fear among the inhabitants of this nation, to a government that serves the people in a limited fashion.  Limited government is the essence of liberty.

The tools available to the American People include organizing for educating the public regarding constitutional principles, petitioning the government with a redress of grievances, and moving a constitutionally educated people towards the formation of conventions around the country with the specific aim of auditing the federal government, and using the tools of nullification, amending the Constitution, and a peaceful revolution to ensure our goals of a constitutionally restored government are met.

To reach the opportunity to hold Conventions of the States, Republic Review, we must identify the unconstitutional aspects of our government, the members of government that have betrayed their oath to the Constitution, and the failings of our own understandings regarding what is, and is not, within the authorities granted by the United States Constitution.  The focus begins with educating the public, and reaches its “action phase” through organization, and “holding the politician’s feet to the fire.”  Through these activities, we will be able to encourage more people to join the Constitution Restoration Movement by participating in the activities offered by the Constitution Association, and empower Americans to make positive changes to their local governments, and ultimately encouraging change at the national level.

The early focus of the Constitution Association will be reaching those who recognize a need to turn this country around.  As I like to say when accused of preaching to the choir, “What good is a choir if they don’t know the words to the songs?”  Then, as the organization grows with participants that are passionate about the cause assisting in promoting the message, we will begin focusing on reaching what some call the “low-hanging fruit.”  These are people who are less informed than those that are politically active, but if educated regarding constitutional principles, would be encouraged to join the effort.  Recruiting the “low-hanging fruit” will require massive door-to-door campaign, radio presence, television presence, and activities recognized and shared by various media outlets.

In the near future, the Constitution Association will consist of a central hub, satellite chapters (preferably with many near or at State Capitals), a constant media presence, and a catalog of content including books, a magazine, pamphlets, booklets, flyers, brochures, comic books, coloring books, CDs, DVDs, digital media items (video, audio, electronic books), subscriptions, and nationwide classes conducted in line with a single curriculum established by our organization (including both local and online classes).

The impact of a national organization can be an invaluable part of encouraging and emboldening Americans to demand, and orchestrate, a return of our government to the constitutional parameters established by the founders in 1787 with the writing of the United States Constitution.


The Constitution Association is being established to provide educational materials for Americans regarding the United States Constitution, while also encouraging the chapters to monitor their political representatives at both the federal, and local, levels.  As the organization grows, and the understanding of the people regarding constitutional principles and the need to return the government to constitutional limitations expands, the organization will begin to sponsor, and orchestrate conventions where trusted members of the communities will participate as delegates to point out the unconstitutional laws and actions of the governments in question.

In the United States Constitution, the amendment process is laid out in Article V.  The amendment process allows for amendments to be proposed by either Congress, or the States.  An Article V. Convention, however, is a frightening endeavor to many Americans who have considered possibility of such conventions.  They fear another Con-Con (Constitutional Convention) where our Constitution may be re-written by persons that cannot be trusted to adhere by the original principles established by the founders.  However, complacency may be more dangerous than attempting to rein in the federal government through an Article V. Convention.  This is where a Republic Review (Convention of States) becomes a valuable tool.

When Congress proposes an amendment, the federal government, through our representation, is literally asking the States for permission for an additional authority.  In response, it takes three-quarters of the States to ratify a proposed amendment.  Essentially, that means that it takes three-quarters of the States to approve any federal request for additional constitutional authorities.  What this means is that it only takes a quarter of the States, plus one, to consider an action, law, or proposal unconstitutional, and rejected as a power or authority.

A Republic Review enables trusted members of communities, members of organizations like the Constitution Association for example, to convene a convention without federal government interference, and without State government interference, in order to audit the federal government, and their activities.  If a law, department, or action by the federal government is deemed to be unconstitutional by only a quarter plus one of the States, then it is unconstitutional and cannot be allowed to continue.  The States, then, can work together on the next action be it through nullification, an Article V. Convention, or whatever is found to be the best strategy at the time.  By banding together, this gives the States a unified front that will more easily deflect attempts by the federal government to use their courts, or unconstitutional actions, against the States.

Components Necessary for Success

In order for the Constitution Association to reach success in educating the public, holding political figures accountable to the Constitution, and encouraging the formation of a Convention of States (Republic Review), a strong network of satellite chapters, a network of association with like-minded organizations, and an active strategy for promoting the organization and its goals, must be established.  Activities for educating the public, raising funding, and making the public aware of our mission must accompany these components.  In order to establish those activities, a series of effective training programs must also be established.  The components necessary for success include, but may not be limited to:

- Establishing a network of support and assistance with individuals who share the vision of the Constitution Association.

- Establishing an organizational that utilizes the support and assistance of its individual members.

- Through the organization establish a series of educational programs including Constitution Classes, and training programs through various forms of media such as books, manuals, booklets, CDs, DVDs, digital, subscription services, radio, and television.

- Through the organization establish a series of fundraising activities that will successfully fund the expanding organization.

- Through the organization establish chapters that are reliant upon the central hub for training, educational materials, and basic support, but are autonomous enough to carry out their own tasks as a part of the organization.  These chapters will be used to educate the public about the Constitution, monitor local politicians regarding their adherence to constitutional principles and authorities, and work to build trust in their community as they organize in their area a movement towards Republic Review.

- Establish a presence in the media through literature, video and audio products, online, radio, and television.

- Establish a website that is interactive with the chapters, and materials available to members, expanding an online presence in conjunction with the growth of the organization’s media presence.

- Establish sponsored physical locations for educating the public, such as libraries, museums, and media sites available for public participation and based upon originalist materials and teachings.

Organization Summary

Constitution Association will be a nonprofit organization providing educational programs and materials for Americans through satellite chapters and partnerships.  Members will have access to services and materials designed around providing a positive relationship with others, educating the public, and encouraging a movement towards a Republic Review.  Ongoing educational opportunities will be available throughout the year.  The organization will also have monthly chapter meetings, and a nationwide organizational meeting at least once per year.

Start-up, Operating, and Expansion Costs

Start-up and operating costs at the onset will be minimal.  However, as the organization grows, the costs for expansion, and maintaining the additional programs, will increase the overall operating costs of the organization.

The following is a first-glance summary of start-up costs.

Filing of a Fictitious Business Name in Riverside County $58.00
Any Filing of Power of Attorney $27.00 per person
Create Articles of Incorporation $800.00*
File Articles of Incorporation $150.00
Publish Articles of Incorporation $55.00
Obtaining EIN $0.00 Online
http://www.irs.gov/Businesses/Small-Businesses-&-Self-Employed/Apply-for-an-Employer- Identification-Number-(EIN)-Online
Draft bylaws to reflect structure and desired governance $800.00*

* Based on average review fee by law groups specializing in non-profit law.

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