Sunday, December 15, 2013

American Constitution and History Study Materials

The Constitution Association began as a small Patriot Group in Murrieta, California.  Currently, the group meets in Menifee at Boston Billies on Cherry Hills Blvd. the first Saturday of each month at 5:00 pm.  Learn more at ConstitutionAssociation.com. The organizer of the group, Douglas V. Gibbs, in addition to hosting the meetings of the group, leads a Constitution Class in Temecula, is a public speaker, writes on his Political Pistachio blog (as well as other websites, and a small newspaper in Idaho), is a member of Unite Inland Empire (website still under construction), and is locally involved in area politics.

Coming soon...

Series in planning:

1. Basics of Government
2. America the Exceptional
3. U.S. Constitution
4. Constitutional Myths
5. Political Philosophies
6. Founding Fathers
7. Significant American Events
8. The Modern Political War
9. Revolutionary Times
10. The Future of America
11. A Path to Liberty
12. Concepts of a Free Society
13. Noteworthy Americans
14. Influential Americans

As the organization grows, more booklet series, and other published materials, video and audio materials, and Online support materials will be available.  Plus, you will have ways to interact with others on the site, as well as earn cool virtual prizes, and real prizes like the Constitution Quest Game.  Our puzzles, and colonial currency, will play into the experience.

As we build the permanent website, this site will be the testing ground, as well as provide a place for writings that will go into the interactive website we are creating.

We are looking forward to you joining us.  Let's learn together!


Douglas V. Gibbs

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